Date -- Time Event Location
June 13 -- 10:00am Middle Sumas Mountain
June 13 -- 4:00pm Sprint Trinity Western University
June 13 -- evening Dinner Trinity Western University
June 14 -- 10:00am Long Sumas Mountain


Course Categories Difficulty
Course1M/W10-12, M/WOpen1,
Newcomers Beginner
Course2M/W13-14, M/WOpen2 Beginner
Course3M/W15-16, M/WOpen3,
Newcomers Intermediate
Course4W55-64, M/W65-74, M/WOpen4 Advanced
Course5W45-54, M55-64, W21-34A, M/WOpen5 Advanced
Course6W35-44, M45-54, M17-20, M21-34A, M/WOpen6 Advanced
Course7W21-34Elite, M35-44, MOpen7 Advanced
Course8M21-34Elite Advanced

Winning times: Winning times for the sprint are 12-15 minutes for all courses. Winning times for the middle are between 20 and 35 minutes. Winning times for the long are between 20 minutes for Course 1 and 90 minutes for Course 8.
Bolded categories are competitive Championship categories. Open categories are intended for participants who wishes to run a shorter/less difficult course than their age category course. Newcomer courses are for participants who are new to the sport.

Location and Terrain Description

Sumas Mountain is a 900 metre high forested hill, located directly by the TransCanada Hwy1 between Abbotsford and Chilliwack. The brand new orienteering map covers the upper portion of the hill, extending from around 650 metres elevation to the top. The area is dominated by extraordinary old-growth
forest with open and fast running, as you can see in the video and photos on this website. There are plenty of rich contour and rock features, as well as some very steep slopes. To avoid excessive climb on the courses, they will start high and finish low on the hill.

To get to the map, take exit 95 from Hwy1 and follow the North Parallel Road east for 2 km. Turn left on Sumas Mountain Road. Continue on
Sumas Mountain Road, which turns into Upper Sumas Mountain Road, for 15 km. Follow signs for Sumas Mountain Regional Park. Turn right at Batt Road and then, after 1 km, turn right again at Taggart Road. From this point there is at least 6 km of gravel road, which is a bit bumpy.


Allow at least 40 minutes from the Hwy1 exit to reach the map.

Trinity Western University campus is located beside Hwy1, not far from Fort Langley. The campus is relatively small, but contains significant areas of park and grass between the buildings, as well as some forest around the edges. The area has very little climb, but offers classic sprint terrain, with challenging route choice and fast running. To get to TWU, take exit 66 from Hwy1. Head south on 232 St (also signed as Hwy10) for 3 km and turn right at Glover Road. Drive north for 1 km and turn right to enter the campus.


Allow at least 60 minutes from the top of Sumas Mountain to the campus
and 50 minutes from downtown Vancouver (in low traffic).


For something to do while not orienteering check out Abbotsford and Fort Langley.


Name Scale Mapper  
Trinity Western 1:4 000 Magnus Johansson Fall 2008
Sumas Mountain 1:10 000

Erik Sundberg
Magnus Johansson

Fall 2008


The accommodation and banquet will conveniently be at the TWU Campus
itself. The group rate for overnight accommodation is $40 per person per day. This rate is based on double occupancy (two people sharing one room) and includes pillow, pillow case, sheets, blanket and towels. The residence style is two rooms sharing one adjoining bathroom; each room has two twin size beds.

Check these websites for Camping possibilities:

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